Services and Support for young People

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Service Description

We offer a wide range of services to support children, young people, and their families. Our core expertise is in supporting individuals and families through difficult life events, such as separation and divorce, experiences of family violence, mental or emotional health difficulties, or any relationship issue that is causing stress or concern. We focus on a whole of family approach with expertise working across the life cycle. This means that we are able to offer support and counseling for individuals, couples, and parents, and support relationships between parents and their children or teenagers at different stages of their lives. We have a commitment to working with these social and wellbeing issues: In a preventative way with whole communities, such as at schools and in maternal and child health centers; In an early intervention way to assist individuals and families to maintain healthy relationships; By offering high-quality services to families that have been through or are going through difficult life experiences. For example, where families have been affected by mental health or emotional health difficulties or family violence and these experiences have been traumatic.